012: Tara Youngblood, Chilipad CEO & Co-Founder. Author of Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe T

012: Tara Youngblood, Chilipad CEO & Co-Founder. Author of Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe T

In this episode, we discuss:

Here’s the backstory of how Tara and her husband created Chilipad

This explains why the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle
is so important to regulate nocturnal body temperatures
How does the Chilipad compare to how we used sleep in the past?

Specifics on the Chilipad’s functionality – Are there thresholds that this product can work or not in different environments?

Details about the Ooler. Its design mimics our natural circadian rhythm, achieving the coldest temperatures during the first half of each night and gradually warming up when we wake up
Hormones, sleep temperature

How to get optimal deep sleep

Tara’s “Sleep Recipe”, (learn more on it in her TEDx talk in show notes )


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