Chilipad Mattress Topper Review: Will Temperature Control Give you Better Sleep?

Chilipad Mattress Topper Review: Will Temperature Control Give you Better Sleep?

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Kryo Inc.’s Chilipad is a mattress pad that has a heating and cooling temperature control system. The climate plays a major role in how comfortable we sleep and our sleep patterns are affected by it. Therefore, the Chilipad was created to provide comfort for those who sleep at different temperatures. This accessory circulates water through the pad using a network made up of microtubes. It regulates the mattress’s surface temperature. The remote control, which is linked with “cubes” control units, allows the user to adjust the temperature of the water. The remote control syncs with “cubes” to adjust the temperature of the Chilipads from the comfort of the bed.

For those who prefer to sleep alone, the Chilipad has a Single Zone and a Dual Zone. To review the Dual Zone Chilipad, I will be getting up close to it in order to determine if it is warm enough for New York winters and cool enough for those who sleep with partners.

The Chilipad is made of a top layer of poly cotton, a bottom layer of poly cotton fabric, and is filled with polyester. Although your skin will not be directly touching the pad, it has a soft feel. The mattress is so soft that you can’t feel or hear anything when you roll on it. The water starts to circulate through the tubes. You can hear the water flow if you lie down. However, the fabric made of poly cotton doesn’t make any noise if you press on it.

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